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Welcome to Liquid Surf, home of eco friendly surf products.

We are the next gen in surf brand.

We're a UK based company specialising in producing eco minded surf & lifestyle products.

"What does that mean?" you may be asking.

This means that we source the most enviromentally friendly ways of doing business and producing our gear and sticking to them!

For example, our T'shirts are made from organic cotton rather than regular. The growing of organic cotton promotes biodiversity and the resulting material is softer, stronger and kinder to your skin.

But that's not all!

The factory that processes the material into our lovely range of Liquid T'shirts is powered by wind and solar energy!

Now we're really talking sustainability here with both the material and the factory process.

Did you know that once you are finished with you're Liquid T'shirt you can freepost it back to the factory and the T'shirt's materials will be re-purposed!

Full cycle!

Learn more about our eco minded attitudes on our eco minded page or just click the Liquid Eco icon.


Wind & Solar power combine to power our factory processes for our T'shirts limiting the impact on the environment while organic cotton provides a sustainable, eco friendly material source.

The apparel we design and produce is made from organic or recycled materials and put together in an ethically accredited, wind & solar powered factory. 

The factory also utilises cutting-edge low waste printing technology, and incentivised material recovery which means 

you can freepost it back to the factory once you're done and the T'shirt's materials will be re-purposed!

Once you are finished with you're eco friendly Liquid T'shirt, just freepost it back where it will be recycled!


Free delivery applies to mainland UK & for brand new products only.
100% organic cotton T'shirts

Did you know that organic cotton is Stronger than regular cotton, more Durable, kinder to your skin and feels super Awesome?

Well it's true!

Organic cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides and its production promotes and even enhances bio diversity and biological cycles.

Did you know.... we also have a page dedicated to recycling wetsuits, why not check it out?

Changing the world one product at a time with a home grown attitude.

Our eco friendly mentality extends beyond our factory processes and use of recycled materials; we adopt a Home Grown attitude and wherever possible will use local, UK based suppliers and manufacturers as we believe in reinvesting at home to reduce any lengthy shipping by importing products from oversea's.

This means, we don't have to ship our products around the world and back before they're made we so don't consume the associated fuel, saving what would have been burned!

Surf Wax
from the UK for the UK

Air fresheners from recycled materials

Check out our own Andy Campbell in the vid above learning that Liquid Surf Wax STICKS!

It's not much but the planet needs all the help it can get.

Imagine if every company like us adopted an eco friendly attitude wherever possible, local communities would benefit from extra work and the worlds economy would be stronger and more resilient.

Everybody wins!

We're committed to bringing the highest standard home grown Surf products to the UK.

Join us and be part of the solution.

Click the vid above to see Liquid Surf's David Pickering leaping from rock to wave in a cool dry take off!


You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Water is gentle yet strong. Become like water my friend.” - Bruce Lee.

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